Welcome, Friend.

Welcome, Friend.

This blog is about being “of a certain age” when we are More Older Than “Young” and not yet elder, or M.O.T.Y.

For those in this M.O.T.Y.  lifestage, there’s nothing certain about it at all; in fact, uncertainty is its defining quality. Our motto could be: “I feel more like I do now than I did before,” with the qualifier, “and I’m not at all sure what this now is.” For those on the outside, pointing at us, they are correct to identify us as certainly of something. We are easily spotted in age-camoflouge, sometimes immobilized and other times rushing away to anywhere but here.

Having been here for awhile now, I’ve come to understand that there is a lot more color and vibrancy to this time than gray and graying. There are particular tasks to be undertaken that have to do with keeping and culling, and rounding out by trimming down, and most important of all,  deciding what we are going to leave here when we leave here. All of this is undergirded by a biophysical substrate of brain changes that allow us to see the Big Picture and connect more dots more easily.

My own experience of being MOTY has birthed this blog. My post, “Rant,” is just that. It’s my tirade and appeal to all of us who are here in this lifestage to engage all the intelligence and heart gained from our experiences, both individually and collectively, to create and craft something we know to be better for our planet, our country, our town, our family, our selves. We are uniquely positioned generationally, biophysically ready, and experienced enough to do so.


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